what is avadhanam? 
Explaining the meaning and origin of avadhanam Dr. Naga Phani Sarma said, "Avadhanam is concentration of mind and collection of thoughts in mind. In any era, to have a stable mind is the problem. 
The mind does not pay heed to caste, creed, religion, region etc. All livings things have a mind but the human mind has its prominence because it can think, that is its power. And the human is constantly trying to make the mind stable. 
The problem is ekagrata-concentration. Hence the mind's ekagrata is avadhanam. The mind needs ekagrata goal and having ekagrata in various topics is avadhanam. Avadhanam in 8 topics is ashtavadhanam, 100 topics is shatavadhanam, 1000 topics is sahasravadhanam and 2000 topics is dvisahasravadhanam." And a person who can recollect on which page, which stanza, which paragraph a certain syllable appeared is called an avadhani.


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